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Can I incorporate wood look finishes in my kitchen, even if I have wooden floors?

6 March 2023
Nobilia Walnut kitchen door front, paired with Herringbone Flamed Oak by Genesis

This is one of the most common questions we are asked by people enjoying browsing our kitchen showroom - and the answer is YES!

It is possible to use wood look cabinetry in your kitchen with wooden flooring. In fact, pairing wood look cabinetry with wooden flooring can create a cohesive and natural look in your kitchen.

It's important to consider the tone and texture of the wood to ensure they complement each other. If the cabinetry and flooring have different undertones, it may create a jarring contrast that doesn't look cohesive.

To create a harmonious look, you can choose either a lighter or darker tone for one of the elements, which will create contrast while still complementing each other. Additionally, in our kitchen designs we like to add other materials or accents, such as our 'grey concrete' door fronts, or one of our soft neutral toned cabinetry options, to break up the wood and add visual interest to the space. A popular choice has also been our matte black finish paired with wood look elements.