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Farmhouse-Style Kitchen vs Cottage-Style Kitchen Design

2 October 2023
This beautiful large homestead had been brushed with the 1980's stick, so a full revamp was needed.

What is the difference between cottage-style design, and farmhouse-style design.

Farmhouse-style design draws accents from industrialism, and is a cooler and sharper look than cottage style design which is all about evoking the past.

Farmhouse-style design often incorporates key elements such as kitchen islands, farmhouse sinks, and detailed kitchen door-fronts. An authentic farmhouse look is typically simple, with a reasonable sense of scale and often using shaker-style kitchen cabinets.

Create a focal point for your farmhouse kitchen by using significant elements such as rangehoods and statement island benchtops. You may consider adding some detail in your splashback, using a wooden floor, and add feature lighting fixtures e.g, pendant lighting, and decorative accents.

Although farmhouse-style shares the sense of nostalgia, cottage-style design delves more deeply into the sense of the past, and the simple way of life that a cottage evokes. The very definition of cottage means a small, cosy home so one of its key characteristics is making the most of less - the most of your space.

It’s about feeling relaxed and allowing visitors to feel welcome and invited. Cottage style design is achieved with light, airy colors where whites, soft pastels, and light neutrals dominate the palette. These colors help to open your space while creating the background to accentuate natural and vintage materials.

Getting in touch with the past is as easy as incorporating vintage or distressed cabinetry, wood paneling, and open shelving.

Utilising a vintage look makes your kitchen look lived in, and what better way to build towards your cottage style feel than with natural materials. Wood and stone, with options from wooden benchtops to farmhouse sinks, and tiled splashbacks that can add depth, texture, character and authenticity to the aesthetic in your living space.

Whether you prefer the warmth of cottage style or the simplicity of farmhouse design, creating your dream kitchen is easy with some help from Palazzo.

Book a consult with one of our designers today to bring your unique vision to life. With their expertise in materials, layouts, and the latest trends, you'll get the cozy cottage or modern farmhouse kitchen you've always imagined, tailored exactly to your tastes and lifestyle.