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7 things to consider with new build kitchen projects

26 June 2023

So, you have a new build project in progress?

All the elements that go into a new build project, and the decisions that need to be made can be overwhelming, but the process can be made easier and more enjoyable by being prepared early and doing your research.

Talk with your local kitchen designer

When you have the concept plans for your build drawn up, it can be a good time to talk to your local kitchen designer. This can be even before your plans are consented, as architects will usually draw a kitchen into your floor plan, but when it comes to the final kitchen design, your kitchen designer will take this space and tweak it to make it perfect for you.

Floor Plans

Kitchen design is a specialised area, and if you have early input from your kitchen designer there may be one or two small tweaks to your floor plans before they go in for consent, or the floor plan may be absolutely perfect as it is, and you will have a head start on one of the many design decisions to be made!

Design Inspiration

If your plans are in for consent and you are ready to start looking at ideas at this point, we recommend online research for design inspiration, magazines and visits to kitchen showrooms. Feedback from clients after visits to our kitchen showroom is that they have found it very helpful to decide on their kitchen's look and feel first as a starting point for the interior design for the rest of the build which then flows more easily from here.

Stick with your existing style and theme

Once you have decided on your kitchen cabinetry and benchtop colours and styles, the flooring choices and wall colour choices flow on from there. It is also easier to work through any joinery for additional areas of your build such as laundry, scullery, bathrooms and wardrobes, sticking to the existing style and theme you have decided for your kitchen.

It is often possible to have the joinery for all these areas provided by the same kitchen supplier, so not only does everything work together beautifully, but it can be a big job ticked off the to-do list!

Storage options

When designing the kitchen for your new home, consider the modern storage options now available. It's great to look around kitchen showrooms and open up all the drawers and cupboards. Kitchen technology is ever-evolving and modern storage options are clever and functional.

Multi function kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances these days can be multi-function - appliances such as combination steam and microwave ovens remove the need for a microwave shelf and provide a more economical cooking option with smaller oven sizes.

Many appliances can be integrated into the joinery - fridges, freezers, dishwashers to name a few, giving a seamless and stylish look to your kitchen.

Don't forget lighting

Lighting is important not only in the lighting plan for your build, but feature lighting can be designed into your kitchen to create more impact. We do lots of LED lighting in toe kicks and under overhead cabinetry. The lighting can be switched off and on, and adjusted in colour and tone via remote control.

At Palazzo, we are here to help you make the process easy with design right through to install. Get in touch with the team today.