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Why do you need to know my budget?

2 October 2023
The new floorplan for this renovation flipped the kitchen and living areas around to utilise the garden more effectively to create a lovely indoor / outdoor flow from the kitchen.

Although it might feel awkward to discuss your budget with your kitchen designer, it’s one of the best things you can do when designing your new kitchen.

Your kitchen designer is a resource for you, and the kitchen is widely regarded as one of the most important spaces to right in your new build or renovation. To get exactly what you want from the skills and experience of your designer - the more information you can provide the better.

Your designer wants to design something beautiful, practical, and most importantly affordable for you and your family. If your designer knows your budget, they can make suggestions on ranges, materials, and accessories to keep you on track. Areas that can be upgraded, or can be simplified to fit in with your budget, whilst keeping a track of your must-haves.


Worktops are usually one of the most expensive elements in any kitchen design. But there are so many options and alternatives on the market today, so you don’t necessarily need to go for the expensive ones to get the look you want. Our German manufactured high pressure laminates can be a well-priced and stylish option, as well as many brands of engineered stones which offer price categories for their products, allowing an affordable solid benchtop choice.


A clever, yet simple trick is to use the widest available cabinets in your kitchen design. By using bigger units, you need less of them to fill up your space. This doesn’t work in every kitchen but it’s a small thing to consider that can save you a large sum of money in some cases. We can either build in more drawers, or less drawers and more cupboards, depending on what you want to spend, and where you want to spend it i.e., what your priorities are.


Look out for appliance package deals or consider whether you can re-use any of your existing appliances in your new design.

Sinks and Accessories

There are great options for sinks, taps and other accessories that can work well with modern kitchen designs.

Bring your vision to life within your budget - talk with our kitchen designers today about smart ways to get the most out of your money.